Creatique Connectors Advantages 

  1. Automatic connectors are designed for >1 million cycles (excluded wear parts) 高达100万频次 

  2. Manual connectors are designed for >300.000 cycles (excluded wear parts) 高达30万频次 

  3. Spring pins and designed pins are used to reduce friction and damages on your socket and product (Creatique design)采用弹簧针和定制插针减少对产品件的磨损 

  4. Floating system with central repositioning are used for the automatic connectors 自动接头采用带中心复位的浮动系统 

  5. Easy connection/disconnection for manual connectors with ergonomic shape (good handling) 手动接头符合人体工程学的外形易于手持轻松插拔 

  6. Automatic Pin-Connection system to reduce damages on socket pins for automatic connectors 自动接头采用自动插针连接系统降低对电池包装车件插座插针的损耗 

  7. Cooling system for power connector to reduce temperature inside the connector and on the socket, reduce product damages and increase life cycle/ 高压接头带冷却系统用于降低接头内部及电池包装车件插座的温度 

  8. Design customized to your product, environment and use/针对于您的产品环境和应用专门设计 

  9. Easy maintenance without disassembly the connector/易于维护,无需拆开接头 

  10. Maintenance kit with maintenance process are available for your own maintenance 提供维修套件带维修作业指导书便于用户后期自行维护